April 25, 2016
kids swimwear fashion show

SWIMWEAR FINAL ROUND OF THE 2013 KIDS Fashion Democracy – Fashionestas Rule!

Konfidence Floatsuit, Navy Polka Dot, 4-5 Years 195cmx167cmx25cm (! With Shower Her Cute Sea Lion) Kids Swimming Pool with Slide Slider Fieldoor New Product [2012] [ […]
April 24, 2016
kids swimwear fashion show palm springs pool service

Children’s Swimwear Fashion Show

Baby Kid Girl Swimsuits Bathing Polka Dots Bowknot Swimwear Tankini Dress 3-4T Red Mirrored Anti Fog Swimming Goggles with Swim Goggle Case – Pro Performance Sport […]
April 23, 2016
Orbeez huge pool toys Palm Springs pool service

Orbeez Pool Toys Bath Spa Surprise Eggs Shopkins Minecraft MLP Pool Full of Orbeez

It’s an Orbeez Pool party with Toys like Shopkins Minions Minecraft MLP Hello Kitty and The Ugglys Pet Shop. Fun with Orbeez Bath and Spiderman. You […]
April 22, 2016
Pool party toys

POOL TOYS CHALLENGE!!! Giant Pool filled with Surprise Bath Toys + Ariel Mermaids, TMNT & Cars

GIANT Pool Toys Challenge with a pool filled with several surprise toys that DIsneyCarToys Sandra and Little Spidey must swim for. The race is on and […]
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